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This is the update for my Cambodia Working trip
I had my Khmer Name:យ៉ាក​ យុ៉ង សេង (Yeak Jong Seng)
Panorama view

Night View of the field Grassland

View from North of the office

View from the South of the office (Naga Casino)

View from my Hotel Room

Evening View of the Palace

Me in front Palace, actually just not too far from my hotel

KG @ Cambodia but wearing Bali Shirt.. zzzzzzzz

Part of the Palace

Khmer tower?!?

Mekong River side

(18sx) show me the elephant。。。 蜡笔小新

Racial Market Foot Court

KG is having their local satay bread..

i'm having plain wafer because i'm SICK~~~

Sculpture "Si Fu" at Racial Market is doing final touch up of the Buddha

This Angkor wat also from his hand.. nice huh~~

official Anniversary party inviting letter got CEO signing there.. don play play ar..

Phnom Penh Post Anniversary party

Cambodia Local Beer "Angkor"

Cambodia Royal Club

Race Course training center inside the club

Food center

My Hotel "Khmer Royal" 3rd from the left is my room

Hotel entrance

Hotel Reception

Chinese Buddha in Cambodia ?!??

Hotel Room

Top Floor is my breakfast place..

My Room 205

Mekong River view from my room.. nice huh~~ hehe

Gasoline station on the street

many more Gasoline station on the street

All the driver & walker in Cambodia is HERO because they close the road without seeing left-right, just walk to cross the road

Naga Casino

we taking tuk tuk to office in the morning..

Our lunch with local Khmer food

Bruce is seeing pretty girl passerby & KG is acting cool (scare kena tarik ear when back to Malaysia) .....ngek ngek.....

Massage center

Dinner time at road side with free wifi

This is the restaurant we went for the dinner and saw a special "event"..
they have a group of underage girl work as a waitres at 1st, after start drinking the beer then all these girl transform their identity as PR to accompany the Japanese torist drinking like those PR in the PUB, the problem is these girl had only 13-16 years old only but we saw the japanese is enjoying with playing with all this underage girl....
wHErE Is thE jUsTiCE Man ~''~

Fruit Store

Dinner time (forgot to take the food photo because i'm too hungry :p )

this guy is taking Palace at night with his PRO Phone ~~"

Grassland with Landmine ??!!??


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